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Engineering Plan Submission

The Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) requires the use of the electronic plan submission process before a submittal can be considered complete and be assigned to a reviewer. Submittals received in another format will not be input into the review queue and the submitter will be notified that the plans must be submitted in electronic format before our review process can proceed.

This process change is necessary for immediate and future improvements. It will provide multiple benefits including increasing our processing speed, accuracy, efficiency, tracking, reporting, and communication. More benefits will be realized when it is integrated with our planned new records management system.

Contact Dianne Childress, Administrative Assistant, at 803-966-7864 or, for additional information about our submittal requirements and uploading plans.

Please read the Instructions for Electronic Plan Submission.

Login for Electronic Plan Submission


What is the maximum file size for file uploads?

The limit is 10 MB. The system allows up to three separate files to be uploaded at one time so long as the total cumulative size of files to be uploaded does not exceed 10 MB.

What are the acceptable file formats?

We accept DWF & PDF files only.

What kind of file names are acceptable?

Please avoid using special characters in your file names which include but are not limited to \ / : * ? " < > | % # $ and ().

What is the character limit for a file name?

Maximum file name length is 255 characters.

Does the application time out after a particular time period?

Yes, the form completion and file upload process should be completed within 10 minutes.