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Blaster Licenses, Explosive Dealer Licenses, and Explosive Magazines expire December 31 annually. Individuals seeking initial licensing may contact Susan Mazzone at

Magazine Permits and Blasting Permits may be requested in the State Fire Informational Management System at . If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact Shawn Stickle at or (803) 834-0944 (cell).


How do I obtain a blasters license?
To start the process, you may download an application. However, other documentation is required. To obtain an application packet, call or text the Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal at (803) 834-0944. You may also e-mail to have a packet mailed.
What is in the application packet?
The packet includes a blank fingerprint card that must be completed by your local law enforcement, directions to our testing facility, as well as testing guidelines that include a list of applicable fees, and reference materials for each license.
What are the licensure/permit renewal dates?
The renewal dates are as follows:

Blasters License: 1 year cycle/December 31
Explosive Dealers License: 1 year cycle/ December 31
Magazine holders: 1 year cycle/ December 31
Is there a grace period if I fail to renew prior to December 31?
There is no grace period for renewal of your license. If you fail to return your renewal application package by the expiration date, you will need to be retested before a license can be issued.
How do I renew my existing Blasters license?
Should you wish to renew your license, please send prior to the expiration date the following items:
1. Completed notarized renewal application.
2. A full-faced color photograph (passport size - 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”) in Jpeg format only to
3. Check made payable to the State of South Carolina for $275 ($250 for license and $25 for criminal background check). We also accept Visa or MasterCard.
4. A copy of your current federal license for handling and using explosives or explosive material as required by SCRR 71-8302.4.B.5.b
Is there reciprocity in South Carolina for Blasters?
No. There is no reciprocity with other states for explosive users in South Carolina.
Is testing required to obtain a blasters license with the State of South Carolina?
Yes. Testing is required in order to obtain a license as a Blaster in South Carolina. A license cannot be issued until the applicant has passed the written examination administered by the OSFM.
What steps are needed to get tested?
First, an application, required fees, and any other information requested in the packet of materials, must be submitted to the Chief of Licensing & Permitting. After all requirements are met, please contact the OSFM to schedule a time to take the exam. The examination is given the first and third Friday of each month beginning at 10 a.m. at the South Carolina Fire Academy Campus.
Does the OSFM provide study guide materials for the test?
Study materials are not provided for blasters. To assist you in preparing for the exam, the South Carolina Rules and Regulations are available on this website or you may order a copy from the State Fire Marshal’s Office for $10 per copy (check payable to the State of South Carolina). The examination is also based on reference materials listed on the testing guidelines.
I have a blasters license. How do I obtain a permit to blast?
Permits are available on our online permitting site.
How do I get a class approved to provide Continuing Education Credit?
Many classes presented by the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regarding blasting will be approved for continuing education credits. See the following link for the procedures for seeking approval for specific continuing education credits given by other organizations - (Policy 13-001).