Office of State Fire Marshal

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Code Enforcement

The mission of the Code Enforcement Section is to provide consistent enforcement of adopted Fire and Life Safety codes and standards in South Carolina buildings.

The Code Enforcement Section offers a variety of services to the public and fire service. The services range from local and state government consultation and inspection assistance, to inspection and enforcement, and emergency response disaster assistance. There are 15 Deputy State Fire Marshals strategically placed throughout the state for immediate response to any call for assistance or emergency.

OSFM deputies routinely inspect the following facilities:

  1. State Buildings
  2. Pyrotechnic Displays
  3. Consumer Firework Retail Sales Facilities
  4. LP Gas Facilities
  5. Explosives
  6. Fire Equipment Dealers
  7. State and Local Detention Facilities
  8. Public Schools
  9. Foster Homes
  10. Group Homes
  11. CTH/SLP Homes
  12. DDSN Work Activity Centers
  13. Buildings resident fire marshals inspect with a request for assistance

The purpose of conducting regular inspections is to ensure that continuity of services are maintained, thus ensuring the facility complies with the adopted codes and standards for fire and life safety.

The goal of the Office of State Fire Marshal is to preserve and to protect South Carolina resources through inspection, review, consultation services, and regulatory responsibility. These activities help reduce the potential of increased liability, loss of life, jobs and revenue due to fire.

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